I have recently been working on a series of paintings entitled “Surfaces”. This body of work consists of a number of landscape paintings, but with a particular focus on their surfaces. The reason for this is that, apart from my interest in surfaces, the nature of the work allows me to explore more in-depth and gain a greater understanding of my materials and tools. Also, how I could combine various materials in order to expand the visual language of mark making.


Apart from the paintings, I also want to bring collages under this body of work. For some time now, I have had a lovely root from a tree given to me by a friend, and often thought that somehow I would like to incorporate the image into some artwork. How to do this was another matter, particularly as I favour working with fine papers when creating collages. So, I decided to experiment with different types of paper to see what the best outcome would be.


I made a scan of the root; the next step to consider was which paper I would use. I had at the time some Logan deli paper, and subsequently bought some wet strength tissue to try out. I then printed the scan onto some deli paper using an inkjet printer, although a laser printer would be better. I then allowed the print to dry, and coated it with gloss gel medium for more transparency. Placing the printed paper on the cradle panel, I decided to paint rather than use more collage. The result being that the image of the root surface was incorporated and became the focus of the artwork.