Now you see me, now you don’t

This particular body of work forms a series that I named “Now you see me now you don”t.”   It has has been created as a tribute to those people who suffer from dementia in its various forms, and has been inspired by my brother -in-law.

We know that dementia causes memory disorders, personality changes and impaired reasoning,  However despite this, there are times when something of the original person we knew comes through, although it may be for a brief time only.  It is these moments that are precious and treasured.

In many ways it was difficult to express my thoughts on the subject, so I have used the landscape as a metaphor.  The work consists of nine small canvases  mixed media, 10 x 10 ins framed .  I have used tonal colours to emphasise the variation of loss, with a touch of copper representing intermittent connection.  The work starts at the top from left to right, indicating the progression of dementia.


Do not ask me to remember.  Don”t try to make me understand

Let me rest and know you’re  with me

Kiss my cheek and hold my hand

I’m confused beyond your concept,

I am sad and sick and lost

AllI now that I need is you

To be with me at all cost.

(Owen Darnell)